Ways to celebrate the holidays during Covid-19

Diane Weber 12.9.2020

The 2020 holiday season is like no other season we have ever experienced. So many changes, restrictions and events cancelled that it can be hard to find the joy in anything we do this time of year. You might be asking yourself: What are some ways to celebrate the holidays during this pandemic? How can we stay safe and continue to see our friends and family? Well, don’t fret! We will all get through this craziness together! Below are some creative ways to keep your holiday traditions alive while keeping the number of positive Covid-19 cases down.

Have an outdoor gift exchange

If your family lives close by, have your gift exchange out on the front yard. This allows you to stay at least six feet apart while you open gifts. You could even do this as a Secret Santa event where each member of your family exchanges gifts with just one other person instead of buying a gift for everyone. If the weather is nice, consider having younger kids do a scavenger hunt to find gifts hidden outside.

Set up a virtual holiday happy hour

Another popular way to celebrate the holidays is to set up a virtual happy hour. You may not be sharing a meal together at the dinner table, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on socializing with one another. Think about hosting a virtual happy hour with your friends and family. You can use programs such as Facetime, Zoom or Google Meet to get everyone “together” on the computer screen. Set a date, time and don’t forget a drink in hand! Maybe consider dressing up as Santa or get in the holiday spirit and choose a custom background for your screen to make everyone smile while sharing time together.

Have a holiday recipe party via Zoom

Speaking of virtual parties, why not have a holiday recipe event. Pick a traditional family recipe (or one that has never been done before) and plan a day to create the dish from scratch at the same time. You can have fun following the same recipe and working together as you make a delicious meal. If you can’t think of anything to make, consider making homemade cinnamon rolls or Christmas cookies. You can even have a contest on who decorates the cookies best! Oh, and don’t forget the wine to celebrate all the hard work you have done.

Deliver meals to family and friends

If you are the one hosting holiday dinners each year, this might be a great alternative for you. Even though many families are staying home this year, not everyone has the time or ability to cook for themselves. Maybe you have older relatives or neighbor who won’t really have a holiday dinner without the family present in their home.  Plan on making some of your favorite dishes and dropping the meals off to them. If they don’t need a full meal, consider just dropping off a dessert or hot cocoa or have a meal delivered to them as a way to share some love over the holidays.

Schedule a holiday movie watch party

Movie watching is a popular family event during the holiday break. A great tool you can use is a Watch Party App where you can stream movies and shows on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and HBO. This app allows you to watch a movie at home the same time as other family members, chat with each other throughout the movie and even take coordinated breaks for snacks refills and restroom visits.

No matter what you plan to do (or not do) this holiday season, be sure to take time for yourself. Reflect on what you are grateful for, goals for the new year and get plenty of rest during this stressful time in our lives. Hopefully these ideas are helpful in creating ways to celebrate the holidays during Covid-19. Happy Holidays!

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