Springtime sights to see

Diane Weber 04.16.2021

Spring is just flying by and there are so many fun springtime sights to see before summer arrives. Some of these things even last through the end of the month, so you’ll have multiple opportunities to attend these events.

Let’s start out with Friday events. This Friday evening is the opening night to the Des Moines Playhouse’s rendition of The Velveteen Rabbit! This is both an in person and virtual event so the whole family can enjoy the show from the seats of the theater or the comfort of your own home! If this weekend is already booked up for you, this classic will also be performed on the weekend of April 30th -May 2nd.

Saturday morning grab coffee from your favorite shop like Horizon Line and head to the Des Moines Book Festival! The Festival begins at 9am and is filled with ways to connect with authors and find new books you’ll love and workshops to sharpen your skills. Although this festival has been going on for a couple weekends, this is the last one, so if you are still itching to go this, now is your chance! It looks as though it is going to be a lovely, but a little chilly day outside perfect for The Pollinator Parade going on through the end of April. Go online and download the map to guide you to all the scavenger hunts. You can even win a variety of prizes such as free passes to The Science Center, Living History Farms, The Blank Park Zoo or The Des Moines Botanical Garden! This is a social media scavenger hunt so make sure there is at least one adult present that has social media. End the day with a little murder mystery fun at Embassy Suites. You will be served a mouthwatering meal while you sleuth around to figure out who, in that very room, was the murderer. Complete with playful interrogations, this murder mystery is an award winning, comedic, present day show that completely immerses you in the experience. There is a prize to be won if you solve the crime, but like everything else, the prize remains a mystery.

Springtime sights on Sunday include cookie decorating at Smash Park starting at 10am. Sip on yummy breakfast cocktails and enjoy brunch while you decorate blooming cookies to celebrate the arrival of spring.  While this event does go on until 2pm, make sure you are out in time to get to another great event: Beginning Etching Class at the Artisan Gallery 218. This class is meant for beginners, so no need to fear if you haven’t worked with metal before. In this class you will be able to choose your metal bracelet and etch any design you wish into the surface. Whether you like  flowers, swirls or a quote for your new favorite book, this bracelet is going to be a showstopper. The class has limited seating and will remain very small as to keep social distancing rules in place, so make sure you snatch up a seat if this sounds like your cup of tea.  Have fun this weekend!




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