Our History

Stability. Isn’t that something you want in a home builder?

A home is supposed to be permanent. It’s always supposed to be there. Since 1957, through 9 recessions, 31 U.S. congresses and 12 presidents, Jerry’s Homes has been building homes. How do you earn that kind of stability? By doing things the right way, no matter the circumstances. A community is too crucial to cut corners. A family home is too precious for less than 100%. The place you call home is too important for anything other than the best. That was our founding principle and has stayed with us for more than 60 years, through several generations and more home than any other Des Moines home builder.

Like a house, a business needs a good foundation. When you start a business with a lot of wisdom, some luck and hard work, you’re on solid ground.

“Never start a home that you can’t afford to finish.” That was the one piece of advice Jerry Grubb’s brother John told him when he decided to start a homebuilding company in 1957. That simple piece of advice—and it’s undertones of honesty, integrity, solid decision-making and prudent wisdom—has been what has kept Jerry’s Homes in business and in the family for more than 60 years.

We’re building communities, neighborhoods and places for families to live, play and come together.

In 60 years of stable, consistent home building, you make a lot of relationships. Jerry’s Homes uses partners, some since the very beginning, that we trust and believe in to operate with the homeowner in mind. It makes us proud that we’re on our third generation of family owners and that some of our homes are, too. It’s like being part of a community. That’s why tonight more Iowa families will go to sleep in a Jerry’s Home than any other builder. From baby boomers to millennials, there has been a Jerry’s Home for everyone since 1957.

We were recently voted as Best Local Home Builder in Des Moines! Read here.

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