It’s All About Location: Finding the perfect place for your new home.

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Work Commute vs. Weekend Fun

Do you want your home to be a personal getaway or a convenient spot for an easy drive to the office? Whatever your preference, there is certainly a solution.

And if you want the best of both worlds, Jerry’s Homes can help you find it.

Number of Neighbors

Thinking about the number of people nearby is essential when looking at neighborhoods. The size of the street or cul-de-sac might determine the number of social get togethers and how quiet or loud the street will be. This is often something home buyers overlook.

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Family Friendly

Look and ask around! When walking through various neighborhoods, feel free to ask people who are also outside about their thoughts on the neighborhood. Observe the number of elderly people, number of newlyweds, families and single occupants who live in the area.

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