How to create the ultimate home office

Jerrys Homes 05.4.2020

Creating the ultimate home office can be fun and stressful at times. You want to make this space comfortable yet functional with the least amount of distractions as possible. Here are some helpful tips on how you can create the ultimate home office when you’re stuck working from home.

Get inspired.

Browse for inspiration on sites like Houzz, Pinterest and design magazines. Look for furniture pieces that will accommodate your files, avoid distraction and be comfortable. Items may look good in a photo but not be supportive for your back. Use pieces like rugs and framed art for color combinations to spice up your space without disturbing your workflow.

Consider natural light and lamp options.

Don’t situate your desk against the wall in the dark corner of your office. It creates a “corporate-like” cubicle and will hinder your productivity. Move your desk close to windows so you can benefit from the natural light while giving you the “office with a view” scenario. But don’t forget the lamps either! Even with great natural light, you’ll still need additional lighting for darker hours of the day. Purchase a few table lamps, which offer a nice soft glow and interesting design possibilities to create the ultimate home office.

Find creative storage solutions.

A plain old filing cabinet isn’t always the most attractive piece of furniture to have in your office. Get creative and try wall storage options such as: magazine racks, children’s library-style display shelves or something similar. Pinterest and are sites that offer some great options. If your office has a closet, use a closet shelving system so files can be out of sight while you’re working. You can also put items such as a printer or scanner in the closet so it doesn’t take up space on your desk.

Create a comfortable space.

A great home office has a nice comfy chair with an ottoman to put up your feet and relax, reflect, research or even read a book. Add a throw blanket and a colorful pillow and you’ll love this space to take breaks. Maybe even add some greenery so it feels like you’re bringing the peaceful scenery outside into your home office. Plus, in a home office, no one sees if you nap!

Go overboard on supplies.

Especially if other people are home during working hours, you don’t want to be getting up every few minutes when you need something. Keep all your office supplies like pens, scissors, stapler, stamps in close range. Consider a small fridge or coffee maker if you like to enjoy a few beverages during the day. You do need breaks, however, so keep your lunch in the kitchen. Even if you have created a beautiful, functional home office, you won’t want to spend every waking minute in that room. Good luck!

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