How HGTV creates unrealistic views of building a home

Jerrys Homes 02.14.2020

Ever wonder why buying, building or renovating a home looks so easy on those HGTV shows? It's because it's just that - a show.

HGTV often deceives potential home owners by giving them unrealistic expectations for how the home building and renovation process will go. Don't fall for the simplicity and unrealistic home building views that TV shows portray. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider the next time you watch a home improvement show and think you can "Do It Yourself".

Let’s start with the biggest one: $$$

Let's get real. Most home owners don't have $50,000 or more laying around just to upgrade their master bathroom. HGTV gives viewers a sense of hope that everything costs the same no matter where you live but this is unrealistic when it comes to home building. The truth is building a home in Omaha, NE is far different building in Miami, FL. Labor costs and materials play a big role in expenses.  KEEP IN MIND: on HGTV, many vendors and contractors donate their products and skills in exchange for free advertising. TIP: Do your research to figure out what your actually cost will be in your area so you aren’t blindsided by a totally realistic quote.

Building takes time

If you're building a home or renovating a house, know that lot of reality HGTV shows start filming when they’re already six months into the build. They have already obtained plans, building permits and have contractors scheduled. This part of the build takes more time than you think. KEEP IN MIND: It might look like you can renovate that kitchen in 2 weeks but in reality, it can take much longer: contractors may have multiple projects going on, permits can be delayed, supplies may be back ordered or a major issue can present itself during construction. TIP: Be patient. Don't rush your build because a house is something you live in and you don't want to sacrifice quality.

Renovations aren't easy

Not everyone is cut out for home renovation. Some shows give viewers the idea that you can easily tear down a wall or do your own electrical work. But that's not always the case. Some homes were just not built to have structural walls removed. And electrical work can be dangerous. KEEP IN MIND: these TV shows might give you great tips for DIY projects but they won't make you an expert. TIP: Keep structural renovations to the professionals and don't attempt a project that can potentially harm you or the stability of the home.  

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