Finding the right floor plan

Jerrys Homes 01.13.2020

The most significant decision you’ll ever make regarding your new home: The Floor Plan.

No matter what type of home you choose, the layout of the rooms and how they “flow” will largely depend on your lifestyle. Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need and the square footage are the first things to decide. The right floor plan can help shape how you live in your home.

What are you missing in your current home? Maybe you are needing more closets or want a bigger kitchen. Maybe you want less space to clean and want to be outdoors more. Make a list of needs and wants for your new home so it will help narrow your search.

How often to you entertain? Many floor plans are centered on entertaining guests the minute they walk in the door. Large foyers, open family rooms and kitchens are perfect for immediately welcoming visitors. Maybe you are more private and don’t want to have your house “on display.” Look at homes with more private living spaces or maybe a finished basement where guests can feel comfortable, and  you don’t feel the need to clean every corner of your house.

How much time will you spend outdoors? Even if you want a large backyard, consider the upkeep and maintenance that it will require. You might twice about that home with a swimming pool.

Lastly, what will your life look like in 5 to 10 years? If you plan to stay in your new home for a while, think beyond today and plan for the days ahead. Planning for the future will ensure you love your home for years to come.

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