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Jerrys Homes 06.1.2020

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to your home. Whether you’re hosting an event at your home or selling your home, you’ll want to enhance the curb appeal so people will stop and stare after the first glance. The good thing is, updating your front yard and entry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can create some serious curb appeal on a budget with these easy tips.

Paint your front door

It’s true, a simple coat of paint can really make a difference. Painting your front door can definitely add some brightness and revive your house. Don’t be afraid to choose something ultra colorful and shocking, especially if the rest of your house is a bland or boring color: the contrast will pay off. Don’t forget to clean off your front door hardware or install a new one to complete the look.


Whether you need to trim your shrubs or add new ones, doing a little landscaping can go a long way. Put a little sweat equity into your yard and make it look like new by pulling a few weeds and even adding some new mulch. Keep new outdoor shrubs small and simple with easy-to-care-for plants like hostas and boxwoods that are relatively inexpensive. If you need help, ask a professional what plants will word best for your home.

Add potted plants

Along with landscaping, consider adding varying heights of annual flowers or perennials grouped together at either side of the walkway or under the front window. Many greenhouses have potted flower pots that are ready to purchase so you can skip the mess. Place flower pots on either side of your front door to add color and make a statement when people enter your home.

Replace exterior lights

Upgrade your old exterior lights with new ones that compliment the style and color of your home. It’s ok to spend a little extra as these fixtures get hit with the harsh elements of weather.

Freshen up your outdoor furniture

Take your old outdated furniture and bring it back to life with a inexpensive can of spray paint.  Any outdoor furniture that’s old and needs serious repair should be tossed out but you can simply clean your furniture and cover up those rust spots with a coat of spray paint. Think about adding a pop of color and paint your furniture with colors like red or blue to make your front entry more welcoming to your guests. If you have the money, also consider buying new outdoor pieces that fit the space of your front porch, patio or deck.

Clean it up

If you don’t want to paint, or spend a ton of money on a whole house refresh, rent or borrow a pressure washer so you can remove dirt, grime and algae that might be lingering on your exterior brick or siding. You’ll be amazing at how removing dirt from siding, driveways, walkways, patios, and decks will make your house look new. Do forget to wash your windows too!

You know curb appeal when you see it, and you definitely notice when it’s lacking. Even if the interior of your home is perfect, visitors and potential home buyers will be turned away if you neglect the outside look of your home.

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