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Diane Weber 11.5.2020

If you didn’t already know this, Iowa is implementing it’s first Agrihood in the small country town of Cumming. But wait, what the heck is an “Agrihood” and what is the appeal? Well, let’s back up and take a look at what and who started this idea and why this concept might just change people’s way of life.

<Iowa Agrihood Concept>


Steve Bruere, a partner in Iowa-based Diligent Development, proposed this idea. Agrihood:  A organized community that brings agricultural living such as working farms, orchards and gardens close to residential areas. More people are wanting “a slice of country life” with the popular farmers markets, nature and gardens, all while being close to urban centers. This agrihood would eliminate the hassle of having to drive from your home to get anything you need. Why not bring the agriculture closer to home?

Why Cumming, Iowa?

Cumming is a small rural town that’s located just 20 minutes southwest of Des Moines. You’ll find local restaurants and bars with friendly neighbors and curious tourists. It has become an increasingly popular location for bikers who ride the Great Western Trail from Des Moines each year. Bruere believes “With rolling hills, ponds and timber, the 700-home development could take Cumming’s population to close to 2,200 within a decade.”

What to expect

Once this agrihood begins to take shape, you’ll find homes designed with front porches and alley-garages along tree-lined streets with a mix of senior housing, apartments, condos and townhomes. Homes will be built with first-time home buyers in mind as well as higher priced homes and estates. People can full-fill their dream of owning a home with some land without being completely secluded from all their necessary amenities. A retail development is planned that will bring a new brew pub to join the Iowa Distilling Co. and the Cumming Tap which are popular spots for bike riders on the trail.

2021 HomeShowExpo

The Des Moines Home Builders Association will be bringing local awareness to this concept during the 2021 HomeShowExpo this summer. Des Moines and surrounding residents will be able to tour homes built in the agrihood and get a sense of what this rural community lifestyle is all about. Jerry’s Homes happens to be one of the local home builders featured in this home show. 🙂 Be on the lookout for more information pertaining to this event on the Jerry’s Homes Facebook Page.

Over 200 agrihoods are currently thriving in the U.S. in places like Colorado, Washington and Virginia. It seems like everyone wants to walk out their front door and into nature. It will be exciting to see how Iowa residents will respond to this idea of developing this agrihood community in the near future. Stay tuned!


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