4 Things to consider when choosing a builder

Jerrys Homes 01.13.2020


Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a builder.


What are others saying about the builder online or in person, and how does the builder respond to situations or feedback?  How are they viewed by consumers in the market place?  Does it seem like a team you can partner with for 4-5 months during the build process?  Some diligence when choosing a builder up front, will help eliminate headaches down the road.  Know how long they have been in business, and ensure the builder’s central focus aligns to your wants & needs.


Buying or building a new construction home can be a stressful process.  Is this a team you can rely on to provide you timely and accurate information?  Will they pickup the phone when you call?  Do they have the experience to put you on a successful path?  Ask these questions early on in the evaluation stage, so you can ensure your expectations are met.

People & Process

What is the composition of the builder team – sales agents, superintendents, warranty manager?  Are they people you can work with through the design and building process?  Is their experience and reputation one that you can rely on?  Do they have a documented and successful process you can review ahead of time?  Think through these critical items when choosing a builder.  The People and Process will ultimately be the two most critical items when is comes to building a high quality home that you want, and completing it on time.

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