2021 Color Trends

Diane Weber 02.10.2021

Now that we have over a month of 2021 under our belts we can see the way 2021 seems to be trending, and it’s looking pretty great. Color trends are always changing and this year seems to be no different. Pantones Colors of the Year 2021 are a bright yellow called Illuminating and a soothing gray they are calling Ultimate Gray.

Illuminating is the exact color you want the lemons to be that you are making lemonade out of. It is invigorating and show stopping. Getting into a little color theory, yellow, especially this lemon yellow, has been proven to invoke happiness, motivation and positivity. It is used in spaces to brighten the mood and uplift the spirits of everyone in the space. Yellow, however, is a very bold color choice and may be a little overwhelming. Instead, try painting your mailbox or front door in this warm and inviting color and you’ll be even more excited to come home everyday while being on trend with the color of the year. These color trends are the perfect color combination to bring into your home. Bathroom towels, throw blankets and accent walls are also simple and easy ways you can to slowing incorporate into your space.

Ultimate Gray is the color of your favorite blanket you curl up with in front of your fireplace. It is soothing and timeless. Gray is often used to calm the mind and embody maturity and intellect. This gray would be the perfect accent to all the white or cream spaces that have been so trendy in 2020. Walking up to a home that is soothing and bright is the perfect way to show off your trendy spirit. This gray color is much more on the softer side and doesn’t give the “boring” effect that other gray tones give off.

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